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16 May 2009 @ 03:10 pm

thursday night's baking advernture, chocolate chip-less chocolate chip cookies. they weren't meant to be chip-less, but after mixing the ingredients we realized we had no chips and it was too late to turn back. so these are basically brown sugar cookies. they were still tasty. front ones are sprinkled with 100s & 1000s, the back with choco hail.

my new york style cheesecake. i was very proud of this as i have never made it before. it is very dense, and very very rich...but it tastes so good. the center is still creamy. it's heaven.

on the look out for new things to bake, thinking of a tarte tatin or some sort of crostata. still want to make macarons but i think the weather isn't right for it. any suggestions?