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28 February 2009 @ 12:31 am
i turn the engine, but the engine doesn't turn  
after about 2 years of searching for a cheap, cute pair of motorcycle boots i have finally found some. while this may not seem like a hard thing to find, it is. especially when you can wear shoes in sizes 7, 8, & 9...which i do. and it is extremely hard to find any for cheap in new zealand...the overpriced every thing capital of the world. but today i came away with a pair for $25NZD, which is roughly $13USD...well chuffed with that. also got a cute pair of black (finally! these are rare in nz) satin flats...they do have this ugly fringe poof thing on them, but i can deal as they are extremely comfortable. the ones i bought the other day, however, are not and now i have two bandaged toes, one of each foot.

also saw my dream leather jacket in the window of farmer's, but i'm pretty sure that the price would be outrageous. may have to stop in there next week and check it out. chances are it's over $100, and i will not pay that for one item, no matter if it is orgasmic.